Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.
-Brandon Mull

Online Growth Expert

About Me

Entrepreneur | Digital Marketer | Speaker
Gym Rat | Mother

Eylem is a series entrepreneur for ecommerce businesses. She has owned and operated multiple businesses that did more than $100M in sales. She is an expert in digital marketing and growth and has been a guest on multiple media outlets.

Eylem started her career in DRTV space 18 years ago and has been part of multiple start-up companies that became multi-million dollar companies. Her expertise in running company operations, marketing, and product development makes her a valuable asset for any company she works with.

Through her consulting company, Ignite Business Consulting, she offers campaign management and consulting services to small to big size businesses.


I Can Help You With


I can act as part of your company to manage and optimize all phases of your growth. I have a hands-on approach to allow your business flourish

Step 1

Strategy & Consulting

Step-by-step strategy from concept to execution based on your business model, proven processes and methods. Short term or long term consulting available.

  • P&L Modeling
  • DRTV Consulting
  • eCommerce
  • Amazon

Step 2


I work with your team to implement and execute the business and marketing strategy.

  • TV Media and IVR
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketplaces
  • Customer Service
  • Manufacturer/Fulfillment

Step 3

Smart Scale

Maintain and grow your business working with your team side by side. Managing vendor relationships, payment processors, campaign management, and more based on your needs.

  • Sales funnels and optimizations
  • KPI measurements and traffic quality
  • Vendor relationships
  • Media buys
  • Expansion

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